Thann's Aromatic Wood Hand Lotion is Infused with Nourishing Oils

 - Sep 7, 2017
Thann's Aromatic Wood Hand Lotion is a formula that softens and nourishes dry skin naturally. Rather than relying on harsh additives or fragrances, this hand moisturizer features organically sourced ingredients like shea butter, and jojoba seed oil.

Made with rice bran oil, Thann's hand lotion protects from the elements while hydrating dry or damaged skin. Ideal for those living in harsh climates, this premium formula moisturizes effectively without leaving heavy residue on the skin.

Based in Thailand, Thann specializes in organic skincare that is made with local ingredients and inspired by historic recipes. This particular product emits a woodsy aroma that is earthy and subtle. The hand lotion is sold in a 250ml container, and is free from artifical colors or parabens.