Dr. Kevorkian's Suicide Machine is Called the Thanatron

 - Oct 22, 2011
References: gothamist & gizmodo
Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a world-renowned advocate of what he called 'dignified death,' the right of patients to choose euthanasia in lieu of suffering, and deployed the famous Thanatron to actually administer the death-inducing serum. Should you ever choose to 'opt-out' in the event of a terminal disease, you're in luck because the suicide machine is on sale!

Insisting on the necessity of such a gadget, Dr. Kevorkian named his morbid device after Thanatos, the daemon personification of death in Greek mythos. The homemade machine connects several syringes to the patient's body and slowly begins administering a series of relaxants and poisons, eventually resulting in death. Although the Thanatron, which euthanized more than 100 consenting patients, belongs in a museum, the New York Institute of Technology is intent on auctioning off this piece of history to the highest bidder.