The Hipmoji App Offers Texters Emojis Inspired by Pop Culture References

 - Sep 12, 2014
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If the current list of Emojis aren't enough to help you express yourself then perhaps the Hipmoji texting emoticons are just the collection of graphics you need to use in conversation. Designed for the hipsters out there, the Hipmoji app comes with a slew of contemporary pop culture references turned into cute little texting graphics.

When you want to text someone about something specific it helps to have a helpful emoji graphic to relay the message. While the iPhone and Android smartphones do come with hundreds of emojis to choose from, they lack any that represent current crazes or pop culture. The Hipmoji app picks up where the current emojis are lacking by offering graphics of things like a can of Pabst beer, a pair of Tom's shoes, a Starbucks ice coffee, Beats headphones, an LA hand gesture and even a bae emoji.