This Infographic Gives the 10 Commandments of Text Fonts

 - Apr 28, 2014
References: designmantic &
There's an art to text fonts and design firm 'Designmantic' created the '10 Commandments of Typography' as an easy how-to guide to expertly using fonts.

The '10 Commandments of Typography' infographic is visually laid out as a ten part graph. Each one of the vital ten commandments pertaining to text fonts is numbered and laid out in a separate, color-coated column. Underneath the commandment is a list of six examples to provide the viewer with typographic examples. For example, commandment number five states that "contrast is key" and gives six examples of textured fonts paired with simple script. As the commandment numbers go up, the columns fade from pinkish hues into dark blue tones. The text font is written in a white font which is legible and easy to follow for any designer newbie.