The Eli McFadden Terrain Series is Breathtakingly Beautiful

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: elimcfadden & photographyserved
The Eli McFadden Terrain set, that will have you absolutely floored. Essentially, these ethereal terrain captures introduce viewers to topography: the study of Earth’s surface shape and features, for instance, ridges, valleys and river streams.

Photographed and edited exclusively on the iPhone 4, the Eli McFadden Terrain collection allows viewers to understand a little bit more about the physical characteristics of the terrain of a particular geographical region, despite not having the opportunity to view them from high above the sky. 

Education aside, looking at these spellbinding Earth terrain captures simply makes one appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer even more, as earthlings continue to feel captivated by the beauty of planet Earth. Ultimately, this Nashville-based Canadian artist has definitely proved her talent.