The Tentsile Vista Tent Accommodates Multiple Levels

 - Dec 5, 2014
References: tentsile & gizmag
The Tentsile Vista is an incredibly multi-level tent that can be likened to a portable treehouse. Tentsile has made some pretty incredible tents in the past, but this one is more flexible than any of their previous offerings thanks to its removable roof and its ability to accommodate multiple levels.

The tent can house three adults or two adults and two kids, and is based on Tentsile's popular Stringray tent. It is suspended 1.2 meters off the ground and is anchored to nearby trees using a series of straps and ratchets. A central floor hatch and side entrances offer access to the tent.

The tent's removable roof makes it easy for one to enjoy the view, although you probably only want to use this tent when the weather is quite pleasant.