Tension-Relief Creates a Tranquil Experience for Body and Mind

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: chinavasion & 7gadgets
Foreheads and temples become every bit as strained as necks and backs, and without having to hire soothing hands to knead your noggin, the Tension-Relief Acupressure Massager can soften the stress that's accumulated around your cranium.

The gentle system was inspired by the Chinese Meridian treatment and recreates the careful pressing of professional fingers with an expanding airbag contained within the hi-tech headgear. The pouch fills and empties with a multi-directional thrust, releasing the clenched muscles around your eyes and brow.

If the mechanical experience doesn't quite establish the calming mood you're after, you'll be happy to discover that the Tension-Relief head and eye massager has built-in headphones that can play a selection of restful tracks like "Flowing Water" and "Sea Wave."