Tension by Nir Arieli is Filled with Surreal Motion

 - Jun 25, 2013
References: nirarieli & behance.net
Tension by Nir Arieli, a photographer based in New York, New York, captures the fine balance of a dancer's body. Although a dancer often finds him- or herself in graceful movements and full flexions, there is a tension that is ever-present as well, hence the title of the photo series. Whether it is the clenching of hands or the constriction of the belly, as nimble as the limbs are, they are just as taut.

Beautifully surreal, Tension by Nir Arieli is a stunning tribute to the possibilities of a dancer's body. Interestingly, Arieli writes, "In my project I function as a visual choreographer, making up a certain movement language that is the outcome of a verbal dialogue between the photographed dancer and I. On my part, it is a language born of a screech, it is uncomfortably beautiful."