Tensegrity Lights Update Iconic Sculptures with the Ability to Illuminate

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: mmbartosik & notcot.org
Perhaps these Tensegrity Lights look familiar to you? They are actually near replicas of 1960s sculptures by Kenneth Snelson. The difference is that this pair of pieces has been executed on a smaller scale and altered to assume fluorescent tubes as the main elements of the complex configurations.

Networks of cables connect the ends of each elongated lightbulb to construct intricate forms that remain secure by tension and compression. The results are two clusters of glowing bars that seem to hold impossible arrangements, apparently fragile but structurally sound. The illuminating rods look suspended in the air, causing the wires to blend into the background. The Tensegrity Lights would make for unique additions to interior spaces, referencing the iconic works of Snelson and Buckminster Fuller.