Temujin Doran Melds the Iconic Toy With the Real World

 - Oct 30, 2010
References: studiocanoe.wordpress & buzzfeed
Temujin Doran has successfully integrated pint-sized LEGOs into everyday situations with his creative 'Build Anything' photoset and video.

Temujin Doran took random LEGO pieces and put them where they'd belong in the real world. The LEGO pieces slotted into the real world include a table, jungle gym, and horseback soldier. It truly is remarkable how well all these LEGO figures look next to their life-sized counterparts.

Implications - XX.

This LEGO landscape photography by Temujin Doran Melds is hilarious and whimsical. When I was a kid I always wondered what it would be like to live in a LEGO world and these photos help me imagine that. LEGO has had such an influential effect on the culture it will be interesting to see where else they pop up.