The Tee of Life is a Graphic Bundle of Joy

 - Aug 16, 2012
References: dougham & dougham
The Tee of Life is an inconspicuous way to re-enact the miracle of childbirth. The risque design, however, will make your jaw drop when you actually see it for what it is.

The neckline of the v-neck shirt is lined with an interrupted red pattern that initially looks innocent and random. As viewers can attest to, the reality of the shirt is much more crude. What is seen is actually the opening of a vagina -- the opening for a baby's head -- and once you know what you're looking at, it cannot be unseen.

Parents wishing to be reminded how beautiful it was to see the head of their child crowning will be thrilled at this sight. For parents hoping to forget the stress and complications of the process, offence will probably be taken at how easy it makes childbirth seem.