Beatballs Lets You Taste Music in the Form of Meatballs

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: kickstarter & psfk
Unless you have synesthesia, like most people you're probably not able to taste music. However, this could change with the introduction of Beatballs.

Beatballs combines music with technology and cooking, and translates songs into different meatball recipes based off of features like the tempo, mood or key. If you've ever wondered what your favorite song might taste like as a meatball, plugging it into the Beatballs web app will give you a pretty good idea. From here, Beatballs gives you a recipe to follow. To demonstrate the capabilities of Beatball, the team set up the 'Beatballizer' machine, which makes use of the app and takes care of all the mixing, cooking and meatball prep for you. The team behind Beatballs is now running a Kickstarter campaign, with the goal of developing the Beatballizer on a smaller scale for every kitchen.