This Commercial is a Hilarious Tampon Ad by Men

 - Dec 19, 2014
References: mashable
Improv group Hammerkatz NYU imagined what tampon ads by men would look like in this hilarious spoof commercial.

Tampon commercials have always been a bit of head-scratcher. For instance, why does everyone look so overjoyed to be on their period? And why are they always engaging in some terrific athletic feat, like rock-climbing or Olympic-level gymnastics? The only thing that could make tampon commercials even weirder than they already are, is if they were designed and directed by men. Because men, as we know, have no idea about periods, PMS or the general female anatomy.

Watch this hilarious parody and laugh at the general cluelessness men have over periods, such as: how frequently they occur, where they are inserted and even the role they play in reproduction.