The Tamera Mellon Pant Boot Creation is Modern and Streamlined

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: elle
The Tamara Mellon pant boots are an odd but surprisingly chic combination of several different garments.Tamara Mellon designed these wacky pants/boots, which could also be considered a legging.

Mellon is describing her creation as: "a thigh boot that pulls right up into a legging. You can wear a sweater over it or a big man's shirt and there's no gap." The cost for these pants/boots is $1,995, and they are available on

These unusual pants/boots/leggings seem to be creating confusion for some, while others are grabbing them as fast as they are being stocked. Apparently, the pant/boots/leggings sold out over half of the available sizes just 24 hours after becoming available online.

How practical can pair of leather leggings with boots attached to them be?

Implications - Is this a dream come true for women who still want to look chic while they brave the cold winter months ; or is this a just a fashion nightmare?