Inspired by the American Music Awards' MC Hammer/Gangnam

 - Nov 20, 2012
Thanks to the MC Hammer Gangnam Style mash up on this week's American Music Awards, Hammer pants are hot again. The 90s hip hop icon joined viral sensation PSY in Los Angeles and performed a medley which included PSY's 'Gangnam Style' and MC Hammer's classic 'Too Legit.' While at first glance it seemed like Hammer was wearing a simple black and white suit, once the dance moves got into full swing, his "hammer pants" (also known as harem pants or parachute pants), were front and center.

Hammer pants are tapered at the ankle but otherwise baggy and feature a low crotch. A dancer's movement is amplified while wearing these pants, as was on display during the MC Hammer Gangnam Style at the American Music Awards.