Expanded Discourse Uses White Billowy Outfits Like a Talking Stick

 - May 21, 2014
References: zoepadgett & fastcodesign
Rather than using a talking stick or speaking staff to resolve issues and improve group communication, this inflatable suit lets people have their say. Developed by Zoe Padgett and Gerardo Guerrero, Expanded Discourse is a project that uses billowy white suits to mediate difficult conversations, meetings, counseling or other tense situations.

The suits are outfitted with small fans, audio sensors, light sensors and Arduino controllers. When someone wants to talk, his or her inflatable suit will expand with air. As the person speaks the suit will deflate. A white plastic piece activates the suit and acts like a talking stick.

Padgett and Guerrero are both students working towards their Master's in media design from the Art Center College of Design in California.