The Talking-Ally Robot Detects Distraction and Reacts Accordingly

The Talking-Ally is a talking robot that wants your attention and is willing to act out to get it.

The Talking-Ally is a cute, cyclops-like one-eyed talking robot. The small talking robot reacts organically to the mood and attention levels of the person it's conversing with. Most robots fail at achieving natural conversation, because they can't detect or react to the reactions of the person they're talking to. While humans will change the course of conversation or shift focus to the other person if they notice that their interlocutor's attention is starting to wander, talking robots aren't capable of doing the same.

The Talking-Ally revolutionizes talking robots by exhibiting body language and speech patterns that change in relation to their conversation partner's attention level. For example, if a person looks away, the robot will look in the direction of their gaze, just as a real human conversant would.