Takao Sakai’s Azurer Project is a Statement on Fads

For his project entitled Azurer, Japanese artist Takao Sakai photographed many Japanese citizens wearing bean beards made from azuki beans.

These azuki bean beards aren’t an organic fad happening in Japan; rather, it’s a manufactured one Takao Sakai is trying to create, and so far it’s growing. There are said to be 1,720,00 "azurers" in Japan, with the numbers growing internationally as well. As a matter of fact, early next month Takao Sakai will be bring his azuki bean beards to New York for the New York City Art Fair.

Takao Sakai’s Azurer project is a brilliant statement about fads and how the media can sometimes misunderstand Japanese fads and culture. He says that "if some media outside of Japan would mistakenly think that this is really fashion and would report it as news, then I would have succeeded."