The Tactpuck Will Help You 'Text' Vibrations, Lights and Temperatures

 - Feb 11, 2015
References: tactspace & gizmag
The TactPuck is a device, developed by New Jersey-based startup Tactonics, that might revolutionize the world of digital communications through its 'Tact messaging' technology. While regular text messages can be rather cold and impersonal, tactile sensory messages could help your recipient better get in touch with your feelings.

The TactPuck itself is a coin-sized Bluetooth-enabled device that comes with an accompanying smartphone app dubbed TactSpace. Once paired with your smartphone, the device helps you send and receive sensory messages or 'tacts'. The technology is currently in proof of concept stage, but is expected to offer various sensory experiences including vibration, illumination, temperature sensation and even olfaction (sense of smell).

While text messages work reasonably well to get your message across, this technology will help add an extra layer of emotion to personal communications.