Tabure is a Stool-Table-Light Hybrid for Various Ages, Activities and Rooms

 - Apr 2, 2014
Along with the convenience of their offerings, hybrid items like the Tabure have a way of delighting their users. This design by Burak Kocak is for a piece of furniture that can fulfill three different purposes through a remarkably simple design. The low surface can be used as a stool for sitting or as a short side table; beneath the round panel you will see a lightbulb, giving this object the capacity to illuminate a space.

The quirky item would be constructed of three pieces of 12mm honeycomb cardboard as the primary material. Two nearly identical components would slot together to become the four-legged base of the Tabure that holds the round top. A few holes in the frame of the Tabure create a loose stitched effect with the cable, leading to the literal table lamp's embedded light source.