The T431 Headphones Were Influenced by the Lessons of Fashion Design

 - Feb 14, 2014
The T431 Headphones may not strike you as anything particularly unusual at first, yet they have been conceived with a few tweaks that make them more functional and durable than most. Hoang M. Nguyen looked for inspiration from the processes and techniques of fashion designers to come up with a stylish and practical solution to making audio accessories.

You might not have noticed that the wires that connect to the individual earbuds are fed gently into the plastic casing. The significance of this assembly decision is that this positioning frees the fine cords of some typical vulnerable points at which bending and kinking occur. The consequent damage compromises the look, the functionality and the safety of headsets. The bright red T431 Headphones with their intricately knotted cables remain attractive and hardwearing.