The Earbud 90degrees Adapter Bends to Streamline Device Usage

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: & yankodesign
Electronics users simply put up with headphones plugs that jut out of their mobile phones and laptops. The 90degrees Adapter is a small but ingenious solution to a frustrating feature of audio-enabled devices. Whether you're using your gadgets at home or on the go, it's common to bash the typical protruding piece, potentially damaging your headphone jack or the pin attached to your earbuds.

Mohammad Reza Navaei's suggestion was to separate the shaft of the plug into two with a diagonal break, enabling the tip of the needle to pivot and crook. A 180-degree rotation reorients the plug perpendicular to that of the escaping cord, reducing the component's length and consequently shortening the extent of its protrusion. The 90degrees Adapter Earbuds streamlines your setup for convenience and equipment protection.