T-Bone House by Coast Office Architecture Offers a Cool Geometric Facade

 - Dec 27, 2011
References: coastoffice.de & archiscene.net
An ultra-modern design, the T-Bone House by Coast Office Architecture is an exploration in contemporary and eco-friendly design.

The structure of the T-Bone House, as its name suggests, seems to take on the shape of the letter 'T,' with floor-to-ceiling glass windows on either side of the building helping to create this illusion. One of these sides is actually a space where you can park your car; the glass encasing essentially turns your garage into a luxurious vehicle showroom.

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the T-Bone House features eco-friendly elements. According to the designers, it has a geothermal heat pump and a floor and wall heating and cooling system, and it also uses rainwater for its water supply.

Image Credit: Valentin Jeck and David Franck