This Synesthesia App Shows What Various Foods Sound Like

 - Jul 22, 2014
References: huhmagazine & fastcodesign
If you've always wanted to experience what it'd be like to have the neurological phenomenon known as synesthesia, this color-reading synthesizer app comes close to replicating what it's like to have your cognitive senses blur.

The Roy G Biv app is a synesthesia synthesizer of sorts. Users can hold their app up to various objects and have the app translate what that object would register as acoustically in the mind of synesthesia. In other words, the Roy G Biv app gives sounds to inanimate objects. Users can hold their smartphones up to things like paintings, stuffed animals and pizza slices and ask the app to translate the object into sound. The app uses the colors in the object to generate a melody that encompass what the object is.