The Synchrobox Helps Cyclists Effortlessly Switch Gears

 - May 8, 2014
References: ixow & gizmag
Synchrobox is a contraption that is designed to make gear-shifting easier for cyclists. Cyclists are liable to get frustrated when it comes to shifting gears, as it's confusing to know if you need to shift to a bigger ring, smaller sprocket or whatever else. The Synchrobox, developed by IXOW, addresses the problem by employing one shifter to automatically adjust both derailleurs, to help the rider achieve an optimum gear setting.

The Synchrobox's shifter is shaped like a handlebar grip, which users simply twist forward or back to shift gears up or down. A pair of cables run from the shifter down to the Synchrobox, which is fitted with its own front derailleur. This derailleur shifts the chain between the chain rings, while a third cable controls the rear derailleur.

The Synchrobox system ensures that the chain cannot be crossed or stressed by shifting it too far.