Synapse by Alexandra Denton Offers an Unusual Setup for Stashing

 - Feb 18, 2013
References: cargocollective & designspotter
Considering Synapse by Alexandra Denton is a piece of furniture intended to help contain clutter, it's curious to see that the form it takes is rather chaotic itself. Of course, this is not a negative criticism of the unique shelving unit, but it's simply a observation that underlines its singular character.

The designer began by constructing a frame from wooden posts to form a three-footed triangular prism. Held together by tubular metal joints, the whimsical storage solution has been strung with strong cords that connect to a cluster of hanging bins. The cubbies are perfect cubes and connect to the structure by three strings each. Synapse by Alexandra Denton is a practical metaphor for the way that memories and information are stored and accessed in the brain.