Sympler is a Video Editing App That Helps You Mix and Remix Endless Creations

 - Jul 15, 2014
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Most people usually have a phone on hand that's capable of shooting video, but few actually go to the lengths of using a video editing app. Sympler is an easy-to-use video mixer that makes video editing easy, where users can upload up to six clips from their own phone or pull content from Vine or Instagram. With Sympler, there are two ways to mix—you can create your own content from scratch, or even add a new twist to an unfinished creation by a friend.

On top of editing and remixing video content, the Sympler app lets you add captions and music, which is easily synced with the beat of a video. From there, your unique video creations can be shared from Sympler across social sites like Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.