Swyp Technology Allows Files to be Dragged and Dropped

 - May 8, 2012
References: fastcompany & fastcodesign
The ability to drag and drop files between different touchscreens used to only exist within the realm of futuristic Sci-Fi movies, but now, Swyp Technology makes it the stuff of real life.

An intuitive concept, this technology was created by MIT developers and has made it possible to use physical swipe gestures to exchange files between devices (specifically, iPhones and iPads). Without having to go through procedures like Dropbox or e-mail that have come to be slow and cumbersome by today’s standards, the interface grants easy share abilities as files are transposed from one screen to another. What's especially attractive about this new development is that there is no need for additional technology -- all the parts required to create the magic of Swyp are already built into the devices to begin with -- they are solely being leveraged in a different way. The technology is available for iOS and LuminAR.

Swyp is still in the developmental stages, and is hoping that other developers will hop onto the project and convert it to a more accessible app form.