Cheeky Clothing Adds Humor to Fear of Swine Flu Symptoms

 - Apr 30, 2009
References: shopfepress
Wow did this ever happen quickly: Since H1N1 swine flu symptoms were first reported days ago, there has been an alternate outbreak of swine flu fashions to ease the tension.

The t-shirts in the gallery above have already hit the market. There is a couple of ways of looking at this controversial type of marketing.

1. Scummy marketers can’t make enough money, so they have to resort to below the belt tactics to enhance their revenue as the world remains hyperaware of swine flu symptoms.

2. Fashion-driven individuals are trying to ease the swine flu symptom situation by offering novelty t-shirts, coffee mugs, stuffies, and panties in an effort to help calm things down a bit.

Whatever the reason, these t-shirts are making their rounds about as fast as the fashionable surgical masks below.