5 and Dime Canteen Offers Cubic and Sweet Breakfast Foods

 - May 2, 2018
References: connecticutmag
Sweet breakfast foods vary from pancakes and crepes to waffles and granola yogurt. A new brunch joint in Newington, called the 5 and Dime Canteen, plays not only with flavorings but also with presentation with its Bricks French Toast.

The cubic take on this sweet breakfast food boasts layers of French toast, separated by creamy and sweetened cream cheese. The taste is "rich and heavy but not to the point where it tastes like dessert." In addition, the dish costs only five dollars and was added to the menu to limit waste. As Dillon Smith, the restaurant’s general manager, says: "We were looking for a way to use some of the slices of bread that weren’t presentable for us in terms of sandwiches."

The sweet breakfast food is one of the most popular at 5 and Dime Canteen, however, the restaurant also boasts a robust menu of burritos, house-made biscuits, English muffins and more.

Photo Credits: Eric Ofgang