Scientific Breakthrough

 - Aug 31, 2007
References: scenta
Not only is sweating gross, but it could actually leave you as susceptible prey to the world's most dangerous animal. That animal, my friends, is none other than the malaria-spreading Anopheles mosquito. The good news is that scientists may have discovered the tiny vampire's Achilles heel.

After examining the anatomy of a female mosquito, they discovered that it was her sense of smell that led her to human blood. These olfactory organs, called maxillary palps, work as human sweat detectors, leading the mosquito to you, her next meal.

The scientists are saying that if the maxillary palp was removed, or genetically modified with drugs, that they could affect the behavior of the mosquito and hinder it from finding human prey.

That could make one heck of a difference to world health! "Currently 40 per cent of the world's population are in danger of exposure to malaria with around 700,000 children dieing every year from the disease."