These Innovative Mobile Toilets Helps Turn Waste into Fertilizer

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: peepoople & fastcoexist
In many parts of the world, the issue of fostering a sustainable sanitation system can be a monumental challenge. In order to combat this growing issue, 'Peepoople' has designed a mobile toilet that can turn dangerous waste into useful fertilizer.

From the outside, the Peepoople mobile toilet appears to be just an ordinary plastic bag. However, the inside of these bag contain a mix of chemicals that are specially designed for breaking down waste. After use, the bags are collected and then buried in the ground. After about six months, the waste will break down into a form of useful fertilizer. Not only are the bags an alternative form of urban sanitation, but the fertilizer produced can be a valuable material for nourishing local crops.

While the Peepoople sustainable sanitation system may not be the most glamorous invention, it is certainly a necessary one. Across the world, sanitation is an area that has often received little international attention. This device helps to not only provide people with a useful way to maintain personal hygiene, but it also helps to combat the disease and pollution caused by human waste.