These Susannah Blaxill Watercolors are Intricately Detailed

 - Jan 18, 2012
References: blaxill & butdoesitfloat
These stunning Susannah Blaxill watercolors are full of life, displaying incredible detailing along with a rich use of color. Blaxill, known for her organic artwork, brings out plants' structure, form and color in her delicate depictions of flowers and plants.

An avid gardener, the artist names the plant form as an inspiration for her picturesque paintings. This art series puts emphasis on the complex organic forms of flowers, highlighting the perfection of buds, flowers and leaves. Blaxill follows a plant's cycle, illustrating its beauty as well as its transitional aging period. She records a multitude of a plant's life stages, finding beauty in a fresh flower as well as a dying one.

The artist looks for beauty in an unconventional place, capturing the life and death of a variety of plant forms.