Pat Perry Draws Landscapes in the Strangest of Places Imaginable

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: & thisiscolossal
This collection of surrealism sketches from artist Pat Perry vary from strong to obscure and are drawn in a manner that transcends one object to becoming multiple. Speaking specifically about the hawk rendering, Perry transforms the majestic bird into a window that looks onto a street corner, tennis court and bathroom. Moreover, the bird itself is strangely perched on another avian that's watching a small television.

Surrealism helps to combat traditional styles that simply imitate real life. The practice can be somewhat baffling because of the obscure nature that the creations exude. The pieces don't simply repeat something that has already been seen or done, but rather tries to copy something out of a dream or someones imagination. While sometimes troubling, these surrealism sketches by Perry exercise the mind and fight against mental conformism.