These Surrealistic Furniture Designs are Full of Strange Twists

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: sanyartspace
When surrealism -- or the creative expression of the unconscious mind -- manifests as part of your home decor, the living room can look a little perturbing. While surrealism has its roots in early 20th century art and literature, some of the surrealistic home furniture featured here might take some of your friends and guests aback.

With furniture pieces like a wide black chair with a frog’s backside and hind legs as support, or a white sofa that curls up 90 degrees against a wall, surrealistic furniture doesn’t on first sight seem to have any tangible or intangible benefits beyond regular furniture. But the very unfathomable nature of the surreal furniture in itself gives a distinctly bold and unorthodox feel, like the dresser with one drawer that sticks out like a tongue. Either way, the surrealistic furniture is evocative to look at, if not a little unsettling.