The Surreal Art by Mauro Cano Looks Uncannily Real

 - Feb 8, 2014
References: maurocanoarte & stumbleupon
Artist Mauro Cano's wondrous surreal art paintings draw appreciation to the simple things in life. Mauro Cano is an independent artist from Mendoza, Argentina. His paintings, illustrations, and watercolors all have a realistic quality and look uncannily real. He focuses on producing art that looks like it’s a "candid-shot" taken from a camera. The texture of Cano’s art pieces is unique. His surreal art paintings take common objects and turn them into spectacles.  Cano adds effects to absorb the subjects in a surreal warped-like background or frame.     

Mauro Cano is a Plastic Artist who caters to the visual arts. Cano’s techniques are oil on canvas, oil on table, watercolor on paper and graphite on paper. The talented artist’s surreal, real-looking paintings pop out at the viewer in almost a 3D way.