The Surimi Sofa Celebrates the Gaps in Upholstery as a Storage Solution

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: cargocollective
The spaces between your couch cushions might be a source of frustration, but the Surimi Sofa demonstrates how these features can actually be quite useful. You may have grown accustomed to losing TV remotes, money and bits of food between pillows, but you shouldn't have such problems with this seating system.

The Hafriko plushy ottoman isn't the sort of furnishing that invites a terribly long sit, bringing a television show or a snack into the equation. This piece is perfect for waiting rooms and offices as a spot for briefly leafing through journals and newspapers. The Surimi Sofa features six gaps between its slim rectangular cushions that function effectively as a magazine rack, as well as a comfy bench.