The ‘SuperShoes’ Tickle Your Feet to Communicate Smartphone Functions

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: dhairyadand & gizmag
SuperShoes are curious high-tech shoes that use tickling patterns to communicate typical smartphone functions to your feet. The sole of each shoe is fitted with a micro-controller, Bluetooth chip, capacitative pad (under the big toe) and three vibro-tactile motors (under the smaller toes).

Users register for the online ShoeCentral platform and record their favorite places, people, hobbies, foods, etc. The SuperShoes then pair with the user’s smartphone and act as a guide, tickling both feet when they have a suggestion for a nearby place you might be interested in checking out.

The SuperShoes can also act as a navigation tool. Before you set off for your destination, simply enter it on the smartphone app and the motors will deliver tickles to either your left or right foot, depending on which way you need to turn.