Supermodel Sarah DeAnna Publishes Book on Healthy Living

 - May 13, 2013
References: sarahdeanna & sarahdeanna
The stereotypical fashion model is not exactly a role model; definitely not associated with the idea of a healthy lifestyle. This is why 'Supermodel You', a book by supermodel Sarah DeAnna, delivers more of a shock value than others by health-tip writers.

DeAnna's book seeks to dispel negative myths associated with skinny models. It advises readers on how to feel like a supermodel inside and out. The health secrets are described as "surprising" by blog reviewers -- surprising because these beauty tips, coming from a successful model, are all about developing positive self-image.

The fashion and modelling industry has glamorized the skinny look with an unhealthy lifestyle. DeAnna's down-to-earth health guide is ironically empowering; a supermodel attempting to advise the public of a lifestyle that defies her own stereotype.