These Superhero Battles by Danilo Agutoli Pairs 'Unlikely Opponents'

 - Jun 16, 2013
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'Unlikely Opponents' by Danilo Agutoli depicts a series of superhero battles that combines unusual adversaries. His pairings are truly unusual, with 'The Great Mazinger' taking on Hitler and Superman duking it out against the Pope. The unlikely pairings are complimented with an equally odd style of illustration: the characters' heads are detached from their bodies and sport noodle-like limbs that are entangled in poses mid-combat.

The rivals point weapons and bare claws at one another. Agutoli concludes the series with a graphic that shows each combatant's weapon of choice -- everything from the might of a superhero's fist to holy crosses. The strange series doesn't determine a winner of each battle, but hopefully in each case, good would triumph over evil.