SunGard Availability Services Cleverly Advertises Its Cloud

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: learn.sungardas & blog.sungardas
One of the services that SunGard Availability Services provides is cloud hosting. To promote it, SunGard came up with a clever ad that is quite perfect for the holiday season.

Holiday dinners with family are either something you look forward to or you absolutely dread, but no matter which attitude you adopt, it certainly doesn’t seem possible to please everybody. This scenario is played out in this video. But just as things are starting to spiral out of control, help is called upon from French chef "Claude" — pronounced "cloud."

As the video describes, "Claude" brings efficiency, agility and increased scalability, which is a very clever way to show how SunGard’s cloud computing systems can swoop in and save the day.