This Sustainable Building Rotates to Follow the Direct Rays of the Sun

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: sunhouse360 & homecrux
Sun House Andalusian -- an architecture studio based in Marbella, Spain -- designed the concept for this rotating sun home that revolves to capture a maximum amount of natural sunlight.

The rotating system is designed to capture solar energy throughout the day with two flat solar panels capable of reducing energy consumption from the house by 70 percent. Solar power is also used to heat hot water and the house, and in the summer, that renewable power can also cool the home as well.

This sustainable sun home can also be adjusted to control just how it rotates throughout the day. The building can be set to capture the most amount of sunlight for power, made to target direct sunlight towards a specific room in the house, and be even be moved to provide your preferred landscape view.