Eco SUN-D Display Changes Depending on Daylight

 - May 5, 2009
SUN-D, a small start-up from Switzerland, says their screen display works without any electro luminous means and utilises existing light sources such as the sun, lamps or even candles or a fire to display any kind of low-graphic image or text.

Trend Hunter featured the SUN-D display back in September 2007 when it was just a protoype, but developments have come far since.

I can imagine the SUN-D display mounted on a facade in place of a window where daylight conditions are optimal to operate the sundisplay. During the day, when light conditions are brighter outside than inside, information on the display can be seen from inside the building and at night, vise versa. This may be of high interest for architects!

"Sunlight is normally the natural enemy of displays that work with some sort of illuminant. SUN_D exploits this inherent weakness and, in keeping with its basic concept, explores potential uses of this free and inexhaustible light source," the official site says. "The project’s objective to use ‘(sun)light and shade as a medium of expression’ carries on a tradition that goes far back into (art) history; this gives the proposal an even greater [...] irresistible charm."