This Subnature New York Proposal Accrues Clean Water

The sad truth is that even the "untouched" landscapes that surround cities are rarely as unsullied as they seem. One of the many issues that stems from this fact is that sources of clean water for consumption are virtually evaporating.

This Subnature New York project proposes a marriage of architecture and landscape architecture to build the earth a second skin. Designers Carla Lores and Michael Yarinsky have conceived this inventive porous pavilion that molds additional hills and valleys into the countryside. It will collect and trap rainwater on higher ground before it sinks down into contaminated soil.

Planned to be constructed near the town of Carmel within the Croton Watershed, Subnature New York concept would foster another layer of lush grasses, greenery and sun-kissed cavernous spaces to enhance the organic environment for man and nature alike.