This Re-Engineered Subaru BRZ Features Dual Electric Motors

 - Apr 21, 2016
References: & gizmag
A group of researchers and engineers working out of Mississippi State University have created an exceptionally innovative and futuristic vehicle that consists of what was once a regular Subaru BRZ vehicle with its boxer engine removed and replaced with a much more lightweight hybrid system that enhances its abilities significantly.

This manipulated vehicle is equipped with a magnesium frame that is much lighter than the original Subaru BRZ, and allows for the inclusion of a pair of electric motors. These motors get their juice from lightweight batteries and offer power of up to 12.7 kWh, which is more than sufficient for at least 80 km of all-electric driving.

Ultimately, this re-engineered Subaru BRZ goes to show how innovative auto engineering can make existing vehicles more energy-efficient and eco-friendly without compromising on their performance.