The 'Sitting Bull' is an Ornament and Stylish Lounge Chair Design

 - Mar 28, 2013
References: kilcodig & designspotter
Made to look more like a statuesque lawn ornament than a seat, the 'Sitting Bull,' devised by Isle Phippaz for the Swiss furnishing brand Kil Codig, is a stylish lounge chair design that balances form and function.

This lounge chair is a tribute to the great Native American warrior holy man and Sioux tribal chief. There is a sense of spirituality and strength embedded into the structure. The flexible and curvy bull horns hold the body in a reclining position, elevated from the ground in an "aerial nest" that creates a sense of weightlessness and deep relaxation.

Made out of steel and resin, the 'Sitting Bull' lounge chair design is both an impressive lawn ornament that is resistant to harsh weather conditions, as well as an indulgent seating implement.