Matthias Heiderich's Studie Eins Series Captures Abstract Cityscapes

 - May 21, 2011
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My favorite landscape photographer is back with the Studie Eins photo series. As yet another colorful compilation of abstract cityscapes, it will truly inspire you to look around your own urban setting as you go for a walk or even take out the car for a drive.

Shot by Matthias Heiderich, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany, the Studie Eins photo series looks slightly similar to his last collection of images titled Funktionsorte. The Studie Eins photo series has more of a sea green and yellow motif throughout it, however.

Full of city staples such as lamp posts, buildings and signs, the Studie Eins photo series seems to deconstruct these elements into their fundamental geometric shapes, turning them into art pieces rather than functional necessities.