Aqua Compact Watercraft Ready to Dive in Future Underwater Cities

 - Feb 12, 2009
References: diseno-art & images.businessweek
With ocean water levels rising, the idea of undersea colonization is gaining ground as an attractive and plausible solution for our uncertain future. With such thoughts in mind, two visionary students from the University of Seoul in South Korea developed the Aqua concept, a sporty one-manned watercraft capable of surfing the waters as well as diving deep beneath them.

The capsule-shaped submersible exhibits a cool hydrodynamic design and a futuristic interior with an accommodating sliding seat and twin joystick controls for effortless navigation. Propelled by electricity, the eco-friendly submarine features a main engine duct for thrust at the rear and twin small engine ducts on the side for steering. Design considerations include buoyancy control, oxygen supply and water pressure protection for the pilot.

Winner of the IDEA Design Awards for 2008, Aqua is a striking transportation vehicle for the future, although I can think of many keen for marine exploration who would dream to take it for a drive today--including myself, obviously.

Designers: Sungchul Yang, Woonghee Han