These High-Tech Street Lamps Improve Cell Service During Emergenices

 - Nov 16, 2015
References: ericsson & psfk
These street lamps are specifically designed to assist citizens in the event of a natural disaster.

These 'Zero Site' light poles were designed by Philips and Ericsson and are located in Los Angeles, California. Intended for the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, these street lamps come equipped with miniature call boosters that are able boost cell service signals in the area. Using these light poles, citizens can still contact emergency services even if local cell towers are damaged from an earthquake.

The light poles are also made to withstand damage in the event of a natural disaster, and even uses special LED bulbs that are able to reduce energy consumption by 50-80%. This smart pole design is also purposely modular, so additional features like air quality sensors or power-charging systems can also be added to the design as well.