Aakash Nihalani Stuns the Senses with Creative Perspectives

 - May 8, 2018
References: aakashnihalani & hifructose
Aakash Nihalani's illusory street installations are beautifully mesmerizing and immersive in the sense that they visually puzzle the viewer. The artist plays with perspectives to create a three-dimensional illusion upon a flat surface and foster "a more malleable reality." Aakash Nihalani utilizes a variety of geometric shapes and situates them in an abstract composition that juxtaposes white, black and dominantly vibrant colors.

The beauty of Aakash Nihalani's street installations is that they not only create fluorescent embellishments on otherwise dull and mundane urban sites but they also "engage the public by creating environments that can be physically entered and explored from various angles," informing passersby of the artistic fascination of manipulating shapes and colors to challenge the visual senses and create a three-dimensional narrative.